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Polyhedron Software Ltd.
Linden House
93 High Street
OX29 7RH
United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)1865 300579
Fax +44 (0)1865 300232
Email websales@mirrim.co.uk

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License TypeExc VATInc VAT
Single User£49£57.58
Network Administrator£199£233.82


There are three versions of MirriM, the Home User version, the Single User version, and the Network Administrator version. The Home User version is free but it strictly for evaluation or non-commercial use and it has a few limitations which are outlined on the download page. The Single User version and Network Administrator version are both the full program and differ only in their license restrictions, which are as follows:

Single User
Licensed for use by a single person. This means MirriM can be installed and used on as many computers as you like provided it is only used by one person and only for synchronizing their own data.

Network Administrator
Licensed for use on a single computer. MirriM can only be installed on a single computer but can be used to synchronize any number of computers, by any number of people, and with any data.

Note that there are no restrictions at all on the MirriM server, it can be installed on as many computers as you like. The above restrictions only apply to the main MirriM programs, both the interactive and command line versions.

Here are some examples of situations and which license is needed:

  1. In the office you use your desktop computer but when not in the office you like to work with the same data on your laptop. You want to use MirriM to synchronize the data.
    For this a Single User license is sufficient. However if someone else works on the data on your office computer when you are not there then a Network Administrator licence would be required.
  2. You want to backup everybody's computer in your office onto your server using MirriM. The backups are all done by a single person.
    Even though it will only be used by a single person, a Network Administrator license is required since the data being backed up is not used solely by that single person. Of course you could instead buy a seperate Single User license for every person in the office, but that could work out a lot more expensive.
  3. As in the previous example, you want to backup all the computers in the office onto the server. But in addition to that you have three people with laptops that work away from the office that also want to regularly backup their laptops over the Internet onto the office server.
    First of all you'll want a Network Administrator license to allow you to backup all the office computers. For backing up the laptops, if the backup will be initiated from the office then the single Network Administrator license is all you will need. However if the laptop's backups are to be initiated from the laptops themselves (which would probably be a lot more convenient since the office probably won't know when they are connected), then you will also need three Single User licenses, one for each of the laptops.
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